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    • Ennahda’s democratic Islam: between pragmatism and neo-political Islam 

      Hajar, Yasmine Jamal (2017)
      Recently, the Tunisian Islamist party Ennahda has announced a break up with Political Islam and the start of new phase of Democratic Islam (al-Islām al-dimuqrāṭī). This study is questioning the emerged concept of Democratic ...
    • Human rights and democracy in the Arab World in 2017: Hopeless within, doomed abroad 

      Bennis, Hafsa; Boustany, Razane; Dalena, Anna Lucky; Gentil, Henriette Josephine; Hajar, Yasmine Jamal; Sharif, Hind; Sharif, Salma; Taha, Suhail; Welander, Marta; Zucconi, Martina (Global Campus, 2018-10)
      Abstract: This article, which gives an overview of the situation pertaining to human rights and democracy in the Arab world during 2017, deals with the situation in nine countries. These countries represent a varied ...