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    • Armed conflict and national security depriving children of liberty in the MENA region: Case studies and good practices 

      Jambi, Reham; Arbi, Chiraz; Werf, Charlotte : van der; Lotf, Ahmed Samy (Global Campus of Human Rights, 2020)
      The UN Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty outlines various pathways to detention in the contexts of armed conflicts and national security. A particular focus of this article falls on a comparative study ...
    • Selected regional developments in human rights and democratisation during 2016: Rights amid turmoil in the Arab region 

      Abdou, Ahmed; Barghouthi, Fatima; Cartes Rodríguez, Juan Bautista; d'Hondt, Cedric; Diab, Jasmin Lilian; Di Lenna, Maria Teresa; Dukmak, Amr; Eid, Lyn; El Chakar, Joanna; Embaby, Khadiga; Geagea, Maria; Ghaziri, Ayla; Hammond, Serina; Jambi, Reham; Lagarde, Louise; Timmermans, Angela L.; Manfellotto, Elena; Pepoli, Giulia; Sanchez Borland, Lorena; Sauvadet, Augustin; Younas, Ammar (Global Campus, 2017-12)
      In the Arab world, covering the Mashriq, the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa, wars and conflicts are impeding every initiative to reflect upon democratic progress or the protection of rights. Where peace prevails, ...