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    • Assessing factors influencing human rights around the world: three case studies 

      Burra, Srinivas; Killander, Magnus; Nkrumah, Bright; Chavez, Carmela; Uchuypoma, Diego; Constantino, Renato; Castañeda, Bruno; Lassen, Eva Maria (FRAME, 2016-03)
      This report contains three studies on the dynamics and interactions of factors hindering or enabling the protection of human rights in selected third countries. The following countries, from three different continents, ...
    • Challenges to the Effectiveness of EU Human Rights and Democratisation Policies 

      Gómez Isa, Felipe; Muñoz Nogal, Ester; Nagore Casas, María; Szoszkiewicz, Łukasz; Wladasch, Katrin; Dai, Wenhai; Lv, Si; Nie, Xiaojing; Zhou, Zirong; Uchuypoma, Diego; Marinelli, Chiara; Constantino, Renato (FRAME, 2016-05)
      This report is aimed at exploring the effectiveness of EU policies in the field of human rights and democracy promotion against the background of a number of selected case studies. Since the end of the Cold War, the EU has ...
    • Conceptions of human rights, democracy and the rule of law in selected third countries 

      Sosa, Lorena; Timmer, Alexandra; Nkrumah, Bright; Ncube, Vuyisile; Kapapelo, Eduardo; Killander, Magnus; Constantino, Renato; Rodríguez, Julio; Uchuypoma, Diego; Yan, Zihan; Patel, Shan; Vijapur, Abdulrahim P. (FRAME, 2015-12)
      This report presents a comparative analysis of the different understandings and perspectives on human rights, democracy and rule of law in third countries with which EU has established strategic partnerships: China, India, ...