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    • Conceptions of human rights, democracy and the rule of law in selected third countries 

      Sosa, Lorena; Timmer, Alexandra; Nkrumah, Bright; Ncube, Vuyisile; Kapapelo, Eduardo; Killander, Magnus; Constantino, Renato; Rodríguez, Julio; Uchuypoma, Diego; Yan, Zihan; Patel, Shan; Vijapur, Abdulrahim P. (FRAME, 2015-12)
      This report presents a comparative analysis of the different understandings and perspectives on human rights, democracy and rule of law in third countries with which EU has established strategic partnerships: China, India, ...
    • Human rights concepts in EU Human Rights Dialogues 

      Majtényi, Balázs; Sosa, Lorena; Timmer, Alexandra; Jain, Rajendra K.; Caycho, Renato Constantino; Marinelli, Chiara; Gunn, Jeremy; Lacuesta, Alvaro; Benjelloun, Sara; Killander, Magnus; Kareithi, Mona; Nkrumah, Bright; Yan, Zihan (FRAME, 2016-04)
      This report presents five case studies on EU Human Rights Dialogues (HRDs). The case studies concern the HRDs with the African Union, China, India, Morocco and Peru. Building on the findings of the previous reports in Work ...
    • The right to be forgotten as a new challenge of human rights: analysing its functioning in the personal data protection 

      Yan, Zihan (2013)
      Rapid technological developments have brought new challenges for the protection of personal data. The right to be forgotten as an element of personal data protection has been debated hotly and controversially for ...