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    • The 17 October 2019 protests in Lebanon: Perceptions of Lebanese and non-Lebanese residents of Tripoli and surroundings 

      Dahrouge, Elias; Nammour, Jihad; Lotf, Ahmed Samy; Abualroos, Karim; Ait Youssef, Iasmin; Al-Burbar, Eman; Al-Salafi, Azal; Alsheikh Ali, Rana; Arbi, Chiraz; Benyahya, Khawla; Bhatti, Sarah; Cavalluzzo, Francesco; Comaro, Elena; Daniaud, Elise; El-Zein, Jamal; Fares, Asmaa; Hosta Cuy, Elena; Lavigne Delville, Solene; Maaninou, Nouha; Olea Corral, Andrea; Pannunzio, Marta; Ramdani, Adel; Salloum, Hazar; Werf, Charlotte : van der; Yousef, Nedaa (Global Campus of Human Rights, 2020)
      Starting from 17 October 2019, Lebanon had witnessed an unprecedented wave of mass protests and mobilisation across its territory. This so-called Thawra came to question the state’s social contract, which is built on a ...
    • Armed conflict and national security depriving children of liberty in the MENA region: Case studies and good practices 

      Jambi, Reham; Arbi, Chiraz; Werf, Charlotte : van der; Lotf, Ahmed Samy (Global Campus of Human Rights, 2020)
      The UN Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty outlines various pathways to detention in the contexts of armed conflicts and national security. A particular focus of this article falls on a comparative study ...