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    • The 17 October 2019 protests in Lebanon: Perceptions of Lebanese and non-Lebanese residents of Tripoli and surroundings 

      Dahrouge, Elias; Nammour, Jihad; Lotf, Ahmed Samy; Abualroos, Karim; Ait Youssef, Iasmin; Al-Burbar, Eman; Al-Salafi, Azal; Alsheikh Ali, Rana; Arbi, Chiraz; Benyahya, Khawla; Bhatti, Sarah; Cavalluzzo, Francesco; Comaro, Elena; Daniaud, Elise; El-Zein, Jamal; Fares, Asmaa; Hosta Cuy, Elena; Lavigne Delville, Solene; Maaninou, Nouha; Olea Corral, Andrea; Pannunzio, Marta; Ramdani, Adel; Salloum, Hazar; Werf, Charlotte : van der; Yousef, Nedaa (Global Campus of Human Rights, 2020)
      Starting from 17 October 2019, Lebanon had witnessed an unprecedented wave of mass protests and mobilisation across its territory. This so-called Thawra came to question the state’s social contract, which is built on a ...